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On Emma Tennant, women writers and literary legacy

As I write, there have been three obituaries so far for the writer, Emma Tennant, who died on Friday January 20th 2017. My own obituary/tribute which I've written for The Herald, has yet to be published, and I understand at least one other newspaper is planning to publish one.

That will make five. For a writer who published some thirty plus books over a fifty year period. Tennant wasn't unknown when she died; she hadn't stopped publishing for a long enough time for people just to forget she was there. On the contrary, her last book, a novel called The Beautiful Child published in 2012, was given a superb review by Frances Wilson in the Telegraph:
She was delighted; she told me that her publishers had reported a surge in sales as a result of it.

Between 2000 and her death, Tennant published over ten books, one of them the memoir, A House in Corfu. It's a prolifi…

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