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My Year of Being Ghosted and Not Writing

It was only about a month ago that I realised I hadn't written anything for over a year. I'd start a couple of paragraphs then delete them. I'd work out chapter-by-chapter plans, or create crazy-looking maps of made-up characters and what motivated them, then delete those, too. I'd get enthused by a big new idea, then two weeks later lose all interest. Just a bit of writer's block? Happens to everyone. Or maybe just the right idea taking a while to come through? Won't last long. I tried not to panic, or over-analyse why it might be happening. Just because I had easily found subjects to write about, all the way from my first published short story in 2005, didn't mean that that would always be the case. I should be realistic, I told myself. I told myself all these things while waiting for my agent to get back to me about the novel I had finished writing. It was a historical novel, and after a long search for an agent to represent it, I was delighted when in

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